Audience engagement facilitated discussions

  • Finding Truth without Losing Faith – JOR is a spiritual teacher for all faith traditions (interfaith fellowships). Also see book description on Amazon. See here
  • THINK! – Nearly all my work is designed to encourage people to move beyond established doctrine and accepted tradition.  I use well-crafted questions to help drive people to a deeper level of introspection and arrive at better answers to solve problems and improve relations.
  • Bridges (across differences) –I facilitate difficult conversations where there is tension, conflict, discomfort, or disagreement. The key is finding common ground and points of agreement mixed with facts and understanding.


  • Reclaiming the Promise: Using Management Discipline to Get Tangible Benefit From Diversity Efforts
  • Deliberate Diversity: The strategic response to a changing workplace.
  • Managing By The Numbers: The Simple Path to Management Excellence

TED-style Talks

  • How Frontline Managers Practice Diversity Management (a research report)
  • Are You Managing or Leading: Learn to Know the Difference
  • Diversity Management: The Lost Theory
  • Using Culture to Support a Large Scale Change Effort
  • The History and Evolution of the Diversity Movement in Business