Experience, Excellence, Ethics


Dr James O. Rodgers, The Diversity Coach™ has been involved in the field of diversity management longer than any external practitioner. Our company tagline since 1992 has been “implementing diversity management as a business strategy”. More than 200 organizations have called on our expertise to help them develop an appropriate response to the increasing diversity in their workplace.

With our assistance, dozens of organizations have developed and implemented comprehensive diversity strategies. We have educated leaders and conducted diversity-learning experiences for some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world.

Our goal is to help organizations equip managers to get 100% from 100% of their people, 100% of the time by implementing diversity management as a business strategy. We excel at cultureanalysis, change management, learningexperiences that change lives, and simplifying strategy for easier execution. Our work focuses on enhancing an organization’s diversity management capability.


The Diversity Coach™ does not offer prescriptive solutions. Our approach is to listen to our clients, appreciate their successes and draw upon our expertise and experience to craft a process that fits their unique situation.  Creating opportunities for learning is a core tenet of our work.

“When the term managing diversity was first introduced, I immediately saw two distinct challenges contained in the concept. First, diversity. Diversity is challenging because it includes differences. People do not naturally appreciate, understand, or respect that which is different. The second is managing. Managing is challenging because few people agree on what it is or how to do it.”

(Excerpt from Managing Differently,page 27)

At The Diversity Coach™, we are careful to attend to both these challenges. Diversity + Management = Performance


You need to know that your consulting advisor adheres to the highest ethical standards of the profession. Coaching and advising is a very personal and often confidential relationship.

At The Diversity Coach, we live by the Code of Ethics of IMCUSA (Institute of Management Consultants – USA). Our principal consultant, Dr. James Rodgers is a FIMC (Fellow of the Institute) and has supported ethics in the profession for over twenty years.