About James O. Rodgers

“The core message of the diversity movement is a call to recognize and acknowledge that differences and similarities are a fact of life in any group of humans.”
- James O. Rodgers, President and Principal Consultant of The Diversity Coach&#8480

Managing diversity effectively is managing people effectively – and differently than we have in the past. James O. Rodgers founded The Diversity Coach&#8480 to help organizations get 100% effort from 100% of their people 100% of the time by carefully managing and leveraging the differences and similarities that are so rich and abundant in our workplaces.

A pioneer in diversity management, Jim has been in the field longer than any external practitioner, save trailblazer Roosevelt Thomas, and was the first to introduce the concept of diversity management as a key business strategy. His comprehensive, logical approach has helped Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, United Way, Southern Company, and scores of other high-profile clients implement the principles of diversity management and achieve exceptional results.

Jim is a passionate advocate of diversity management; and seeks, through his work to bring discipline to the field so there is clear understanding and consistent work being done to aid organizations in implementing sound diversity strategy. Dedicated to being a resource for those who want to leverage diversity within their organizations, Jim readily shares his insights. He is:

  • The author of the influential book, Managing Differently: Getting 100% from 100% of Your People 100% of the Time.
  • A sought-after speaker and facilitator, excelling in interactive settings and “Courageous Conversations.”
  • A prolific contributor to journals and trade publications.
  • A respected consultant and coach who blends strategy and logic with interpersonal skills and profound respect for the individual.
  • The creator of innovative tools and concepts, including CultureScan™ and Deliberate Diversity™, which help organizations develop and implement effective management strategy.
  • An engineer, MBA, and the only CMC in the diversity management field.
  • An experienced manager and executive. Prior to founding The Diversity Coach&#8480, Jim worked with BellSouth (now AT&T) as Operations Director; Bell Communications Research (now Telcordia) as Director-Licensing; and American Telephone and Telegraphic as District Manager.
  • A Howard University graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering. In addition, Jim has an MBA from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and has completed Business Ethics at the Aspen Institute and Engineering Economics for Executives at Stanford University.

James O. Rodgers has earned the respect of organizations, academics, and fellow diversity management practitioners all over the world for his keen understanding, integrity, and candor. In 2014 he was honored by the University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Business at the Excellence in Business Top 25 Awards. This award recognizes UAB grads who have achieved extraordinary success as business leaders. 

More than a coach, a consultant, a manager, or a leader, Jim is a resource to those interested in diversity management strategy and moving towards a mature understanding of the power of diversity. 

James O Rodgers


  • Jim Rodgers has done an excellent job in stating in simple understandable terms the true meaning of diversity. Managing Differently is easy to read and understand. It places responsibility on the manager. The role a manager plays in the understanding of diversity is very critical.

    - Isaac Blythers, President, Atlanta Gas Company
  • Effectively managing the diversity of our emerging workforce is a business imperative for success for every corporation in the world. Having the benefit of Jim Rodgers’ expertise personally and for the leaders of our company, I strongly endorse the concepts he shares in Managing Differently.

    - David M. Radcliff, President and Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Power Company
  • Managing Differently is a must-read for all “People’s leaders” in an organization. Getting 100% productivity from 100% of the people 100% of the time is doable when we follow the steps that Jim Rodgers lines up in his book.

    - Christine French, Regional Diversity Leader, American Express
  • …Atlantan James O. Rodgers makes the case for Managing Differently. For best leadership practices, especially when working with issues of diversity (as he does) treats each person as the unique individual he or she is. That means talking with each individual to discover how he or she wants to be managed. Each person, writes Rodgers, knows how he or she wants to be treated. If I want to know I have to ask. Simple, yet profound. If only our board chairs – once they have replaced the CEO-acting-as-chair – took some of Rodgers’ sound advice and led their boards with more vigor and sensitivity, then perhaps the corporate world wouldn’t be so easily perceived as self-serving gangs. Managing Differently offers us good advice, whether dealing with issues of diversity or board leadership. … And Managing Differently gives us the best philosophy of all – sensitivity to the individual. If that’s not a formula for improving the situation, I’ll forfeit my stock options!

    - David Ryback, Business to Business Magazine
    [Book Review]
  • Jim Rodgers is a key observer of business principles from many different vantage points and in Managing Differently, he offers hope as well as practical guidance for today’s managers – a beleaguered group for certain. Clearly, every current manager and every would-be manager should take to heart the lessons Jim Rodgers shares in Managing Differently – it’s truly today’s 100% imperative.

    - Wm. Michael Warren, Jr., Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Energen Corporation